Degenerative Disc Care By Your Tampa Chiropractor

Over the course of a person’s life natural changes will occur in the discs of their spine that will cause pain. When someone is born, their spine is mostly made up of water. As they get older, those discs begin to lose that water and thin. The flatter a disc is means they won’t have the ability to take on the pounding that they once could.

 Almost every person’s discs will wear down over the course of time. That being said, not everyone will feel pain the same way. The most common areas for Degenerative Disc Disease are in the neck and lower back. This is due to the fact that these areas of the spine tend to have more stress and motion than anywhere else.

There are many symptoms that can come with Degenerative Disc Disease. Some of the common signals will include pain that:

  • Feels worse when you bend, lift, or twist.
  • Gets better when you change positions or lie down.
  • Is in your lower back, buttocks, or upper thighs.
  • Feels worse when you sit, and better when you move or walk.
  • Comes and goes, and can last for weeks or sometimes even months.

Degenerative Disc

Your Tampa Chiropractor Treatment Plan for Degenerative Disc Disease

Your Chiropractor near USF will first ask the follow questions:

  • Ask how bad on a scale of 1-10 the pain is that day, at its worst, and at its best.
  • Find out if you know how the pain began?
  • Ask if you have had any prior surgeries, and to list all current medications that you’re taking.
  • Will want to know if anything you have tried to relieve the pain has helped.
  • Will want to know if there’s anything that aggravates your pain.

After going through your questionnaire and examining your body, Dr. Cobb will proceed to spend 20-25 minutes performing connective tissue release. For Degenerative Disc Disease, your Tampa Chiropractor will focus on treating your head, neck, back, shoulders, hips, and thighs. Every patient and pain is different. Based on what the doctor sees, as well as what your background information is, will determine where he works and for how long.

After your Connective Tissue Release therapy, if your Tampa Chiropractor deems you fit for an adjustment, he will do exactly that. However, if Dr. Cobb feels that an adjustment could do more harm than good based on the state your body is in, then he will wait until he feels that you are okay to be adjusted.

If you are dealing with Degenerative Disc Disease in any way, your Chiropractor near Temple Terrace, Dr. Cobb and his staff are here for you Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (9:00-12:00 & 1:30-7:00) and Tuesday and Friday (9:00-1:00)

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