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Dr. Gregory Cobbdr cobb

Dr. Cobb became involved in chiropractic after suffering from debilitating back pain due to a work related injury.  “The pain was so severe that I couldn’t even drive myself to the doctor’s office.” The care and treatment he received allowed him to return to his active lifestyle within a reasonable time. “I wasn’t even aware of chiropractic and was just amazed that I was relieved of my pain without prescription medication or without involving surgery! This was a life and career changing experience for me.”

Dr. Cobb received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He is a proud 2007 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. Dr. Cobb received his education and training with the latest in chiropractic research and technology. It was while Dr. Cobb was in Chiropractic College that he re-injured his back. He tried everything that he had been taught but was only able to manage that pain.

He lived with lower back pain going down his legs for eight years. In 2014, Dr. Cobb took a twenty hour course with physical therapist, John Barnes. It has completely changed the way he views everything when it comes to the human body and recovery. Today, Dr. Cobb sees how the importance of treating the fascia with Connective Tissue Release (CTR), integrated with Chiropractic care will produce far longer lasting results.

In experiencing the healthy benefits of Chiropractic and CTR as a physician and patient, Dr. Cobb expanded his scope and has obtained his CCSP credentials (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician) and advanced certification in Whiplash and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. His interests brings him to sports and injury care due to the many successes he has witnessed as athletes have discovered the use of Chiropractic and CRT not only to rehabilitate their injuries but amazingly, to improve their game. Additionally, in treating numerous patients suffering as a result of auto accidents, Dr. Cobb has witnessed the physical, emotional and financial strain that auto accident patient’s experience, therefore, emphasizes quality integrated care to assist with a speedy recovery. Dr. Cobb keeps current with clinical chiropractic, physical therapy and medical studies with a strong interest in pathology and neurology.

Dr. Cobb was born and raised in Tampa, FL. He comes from a line of small family business owners that has served the Tampa Bay community in various industries since the early 1950s.

“If you think you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, you haven’t tried this.”

 If you have been told that “its’s arthritis” and you have to “live with it”, try out our  treatment.

 If you have been told “there’s nothing wrong with you because your imaging shows nothing”, you are the patient that I’m looking for.

 If you have been told that “you have a disc injury and surgery is your only option”, come see me first.

Dr. Gregory Cobb

bianca Bianca 
Bianca was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She lived with her parents and brother. After graduating from high school, she began studying cosmetology and working at a salon in Puerto Rico. At the end of finishing beauty school, Bianca decided to move to Florida and achieve her goal of getting her cosmetology license. She enrolled in massage school, and graduated in 2019. After graduation, she began her massage therapist career working at a Spa. Today she’s proud to be apart of an amazing family at Cobb Rehab and Wellness.

brandon  Brandon
Brandon and his wife moved to Tampa in 2017 when she received orders with the military. They have two boys, and two dogs. Before moving to Tampa, Brandon spent his entire life growing up in Northern California. After high school, he ended up playing baseball and winning the State Championship  for the Sierra College Wolverines. During his red shirt freshmen season, Brandon was diagnosed with an  osteochondral defect in his right knee,that would end up requiring surgery twice and ended his baseball career. His injury has caused him severe pain for over a decade, and limited his ability to do the things he once loved to do. Even after multiple surgeries, countless attempts at physical therapy, and opinions from numerous doctors, nothing was getting better. Since working at Cobb Rehab and Wellness, Brandon has truly began to see significant results for his pain that he didn't think was possible. "I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in a long time, and wish I had known about connective tissue years ago." Brandon loves being apart of the family at Cobb Rehab and Wellness, and making sure every visit for every patient is a great experience!