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Great Staff! - by Kathy, July 2016   Great Staff! Have been going there for 3 years and I love them! Dr. Cobb is amazing!

I recommend Dr. Cobb - by Danielle, July 2016.  I have been seeing Dr. Cobb on and off for treatment for three years. His staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr. Cobb and staff are always educating themselves on the most up to date helpful techniques and learning every day. Every time I get treated I feel like I have been listened to, helped and not only is my body healed, so is my soul. I recommend Dr. Cobb to all my friends.

It is working for me! - by Pauline sanders, February 15 2016,  I am so happy to have found Dr Cobb to help me with a horrible neck injury ,no one , after so many different treatments, none working. It is soft tissue technique ,called Myofascial release.

Wonderful Experience - by Evelyn Mercado, December 16 2015.  My treatment at Dr. Cobb's office has been a wonderful experience. The staff and Dr. Cobb are very caring to your needs. They are extremely professional and attentive to you. I would greatly recommend to anyone. I always leave with a positive attitude and best of all NO PAIN!

Absolutely Amazing! - by David Dennis, December 16 2015.  Dr. Cobb is absolutely amazing! So very kind and caring. Melissa, Shoshanna and Derek are incredible! All Physicians and staff should strive to be like them!

Client Since 2010! - by Heriberto , December 9 2015,  Coming since 2010 and have remained faithful ever since! Dr. Cobb is the only chiropractor that has provided relief in my pain, and he and his staff are always attentive and effective in what they do.

Very Polite - by Martin Elton , December 7 2015.  After being in an auto accident the staff at Dr. Cobbs were very helpful in relieving the pain in my back and explaining what they where doing. They are very polite and care about what they do. I would highly recommend Dr. Cobb and his staff if you are in pain and don't want it to continue.

Fantastic! - by Kaydee, December 7 2015.  Dr. Cobb and his team are fantastic. I appreciate how much effort they put into helping me get better and that they genuinely cared about me as a person, not just a patient.

Very Friendly - by Darrell B. , Thonotosassa, January 2015,  I met Dr. Cobb outside of here. He was very friendly and easy to talk to. Shortly after that I was involved in an auto accident. I had been in an accident before, about 5 years ago. I kinda had an idea what to expect. But it was very different here. The staff is very accommodating and Dr. Cobb works hard to figure out what's going on with you to help you to feeling better. It's been about 6 months now. I've got 2 herniated discs. I work as a welder so I'm lifting a lot of heavy equipment but I'm feeling great. If you want to get treated right, you need to see Dr. Cobb. I highly recommend him.

Fantastic! - by Mike E. , Temple Terrace, August 2014.  When I first met Doctor Cobb in Jan 2010, I was a broken man. My hip and lower back was my problem. Dr. Cobb took an x-ray and told me my right hip was lower than my left side. I was in extreme pain. Doctor Cobb told me it takes a certain amount of visits to make it right. Sure enough, over a couple of months, I was 90% better and also we talked about vitamins + diet + exercises. I applied these things to my life and I have recovered 100%. I lost 20lbs and my diet absolutely changed my life for sure. I do a monthly maintenance visit with Dr. Cobb and I feel as good now as I did when I was 18 yrs old. Full of energy and life. I am 52 yrs old and will never go back to the old life style. If you listen to Dr. Cobb and apply the things he says to your life +body, it will make a life-changing difference.

Great Service! - by Vicki C., Temple Terrace, May 2014.  Dr. Cobb, I have been under your care for almost 2 weeks now on the Ideal Protein diet. I have to tell you since the first visit, the level of Customer Service and friendliness exhibited by you and your staff has blown me away. It has been a very long time since I have ever had a physician have such a great bed side manner and to take the time to spend quality time with me. It is quite evident that you enjoy doing what you do and your staff does as well. Being on Ideal Protein for the past 2 weeks has truly been easier because of YOU. From the first time that I called about the program and you answered the phone...you had me at Hello! Thanks for the amazing service and great Customer Service. See you all on Monday for my weigh in!

Wonderful Experience! - by Roger Jr. , Tampa, May 2014.  "Hi. My name is Roger and I would like to share with you my wonderful experience with Dr. Cobb. I started going to see him when I experienced pain under my left shoulder blade. He first x-rayed the area and said I had some scar tissue and that he could fix it in ten to twelve weeks' treatment, so I went every Thursday for 10 weeks and he helped lessen the pain tremendously. He then approached me about what I was eating in my diet. I told him I ate pretty much anything. He asked me to try to decrease my carbohydrates in my diet, so I cut out sugar, breads and pasta. I must tell you I thought he was crazy. He then explained to me in a language I could understand that it caused inflammation to the body and that was where the pain was coming from. I told him I would try it for one month, but it didn't even take me that long to realize he was right. I called him in two weeks almost pain free and could not believe it. I am now pain free and 15 pounds lighter and feeling GREAT and I owe it all to Dr. Cobb. Thank you so much."

Great Experience! - by Craig G., Tampa , January 2014.  "I went to the medical dr. because my arms kept falling asleep at night and would ache, waking me up every 2-3 hrs and not allowing me to get a good night's sleep. I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I was prescribed meds and a splint which interfered with my job as a sheet metal worker. I visited Dr. Cobb. He told me that the pain and numbness were from osteoarthritis in my neck and scar tissue in my arms from overuse. He recommended treatment using chiropractic for my neck and Graston for my worst arm. After 1 treatment, my right arm had no pain for 5 days. But my left arm continued to ache and wake me up at night. Dr. Cobb has made a believer out of me. "

Amazing! - by Ken W., former coach, Tampa , March 2014.  "I injured my shoulder playing semi-pro volleyball. Just one overhead serve caused sharp pain shooting down my shoulder blade. As a result, I suffered from shoulder pain for years. Although chiropractic eased the pain tremendously, it wasn't until Dr. Cobb treated me using Graston Technique that my shoulder pain has completely resolved. It's amazing! I still get chiropractic care to help with my active lifestyle but Graston Technique has done wonders for my shoulder injury!."

Very Dedicated! - by Raquel R., dancer, Valrico , March 2014.  "After learning that I have a herniated disc, Dr. Cobb treated me immediately and worked out a long term plan with me. Within 2 treatments, to my amazement, my pain had ceased without the use of medication! He is a very dedicated and caring doctor and would recommend him to anyone!"

Thank You! - by Isabel, student, Tampa , February 2014.  "Thank you Dr. Cobb for relieving me of the neck and shoulder pain I've been experiencing for years. I am truly amazed that I can play sports just as well before I hurt myself. Once a skeptic, you've now turned me into a believer of chiropractic. Thank you."

Amazing! - by Steve, Eustis FL , February 2014.  "Dr. Greg has done wonders for my hurt back. As a farrier, trimming horses' hooves, I'm constantly bending my back. I didn't know that chiropractic can relieve me from the daily pain. Amazing!"



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