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Insurance & Self-Pay Options at Cobb Rehab & Wellness


piggy bank and calculatorAs insurance companies enforce stricter policies, they are indirectly directing care instead of allowing doctors and providers the freedom to determine treatment direction based on a patient’s needs. When your insurance company requires an exam only with no treatment on the first visit, this goes against Dr. Cobb’s principles for a patient who is in pain cannot be turned away. Insurance companies are becoming more restrictive in allowable care.  For example, your plan may state you are allowed 20 visits, however, most insurance companies will require extensive documentation to approve over 8 visits.  Once approved, they will limit those visits to 2-3 until another request is made.  After this point, they have the discretion to deny further visits, which unfortunately happens quite frequently.  Don’t get excited if your plan allows 20+ visits.  In most instances, it doesn’t mean that you will get approval for 20+ visits.  As a result, after careful consideration, we have minimized our participation with many insurance plans. Currently, we accept only certain United Health Care and Aetna plans. We are not participating with HMO plans, Medicare, Medicaid, or Florida Blue.  Please call us to see if we are participating in your UHC or Aetna network.


We have made our services more affordable for those without insurance or if we are not participating in your plan. Because we don’t need to spend extra time and staff for insurance billing, our self-pay costs are even less than some insurance co-pays.

New patients can be examined and treated the same day for as low as $65 for the first visit.

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Insurance and Payment Options at Cobb Rehab & Wellness