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New Patients at Cobb Rehab & Wellness

Welcome to Cobb Rehab & Wellness, where your health is our top priority. Our team will do everything possible to make your initial visit as smooth as possible. We ask that you complete your new patient paperwork online to save time and help us tailor care based on your medical history and current concerns.

The forms are available on our website or by email upon request. Filling these out in advance lets us focus on you when you arrive. If this is not an option, please arrive 30 minutes early to complete the forms at our clinic.

We suggest patients wear comfortable clothes for ease during their exams and services. Feel free to wear what feels best for you, whether it’s your attire or a gown provided by us.


Your First Visit Experience

When you come into our clinic, Dr. Cobb will sit down with you, assess the situation, look at your medical history, and give you a thorough examination to determine a care plan that will work for you. You’ll receive a clear explanation of the results, and we help you understand the problem before recommending care.

We provide ongoing information to help you change your lifestyle. If you are seeking short-term care, we have you covered, and we have long-term care solutions as well. We aim to do what is best for the patient, and we’ll do that every time!

You will have dedicated one-on-one time with Dr. Cobb or one of our therapists during your treatment. The next day after your treatment, all patients receive a follow-up call so we can get your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Depending on the severity of your injury/pain, it may take three to five visits to get relief, although many patients feel relief after the first visit. If you have been suffering from pain for many years, it may take longer to feel results.

Care On Your Terms

We never pressure our patients to commit to any long-term care. If, after the initial visits, you are in the same position as when you began, and you’re not feeling any relief, further evaluation, a specialist referral, or some other testing may be recommended. Every patient and each injury responds differently to treatment.

A Pain-Free Life Starts Here

Don’t settle for a life limited by pain. Cobb Rehab & Wellness offers a new vision where comfort and mobility are within reach. Schedule an appointment with us today.



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