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Meet the Team at Cobb Rehab & Wellness

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Bianca comes to Cobb Rehab & Wellness from Puerto Rico. She originally came to Fort Myers before settling in the Brandon area. She chose a career in Massage Therapy because she loves to work with people and watch them progress out of pain. As a child, she was always massaging her family members and when it came time for career decisions, she already knew she wanted to work in the healthcare field. She has awesome skills after spending hundreds of hours working on patients. Bianca has participated in several John Barnes, MFR courses.

On a personal note, Bianca loves to spend time with her puppy, Kyla.

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After leaving the education system, Karina helped Dr. Cobb kick start the clinic. Years of hard work paid off, when she was able to minimize her daily involvement and drop down to a part time support staff role. When Dr. Cobb decided to change the practice focus to Connective Tissue Release, Karina was very concerned with this change. She says, “Basically he was going to go from 15 min adjusting patients to 30 or 60 min of hands on therapy, making way less money. From a ‘business standpoint’, I was really opposed to this.”

Then Karina hurt her back after doing some physical labor and trying to self-adjust to get some relief, she says. “Huge mistake! Don’t self-adjust!! We don’t have the skills or training for it.” Her pain was so bad; she could barely walk! There was no way she was getting an adjustment. No way! Her body was so tight and tensed up. The thought of getting adjusted was a strong “no way!”

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She got treated for approximately 2 weeks by Dr. Cobb, using the connective tissue release therapy and it made her a believer in the value and importance of utilizing this technique.

She said, “It was unbelievable! I was unable to get in my car, because I couldn’t lift my leg without assistance and was looking at a grim future with limited mobility. It was scary! After about the third treatment, my back was getting better.  I was surprised I didn’t get any adjustments, nor did I want any.  CTR alone did it for me.  Look, I’m a super skeptic with everything, so to even put this out there is very uncomfortable for me but I know it’s worth sharing. I was 100% pain-free after a few more treatments.”

It’s been about 5 years and she says her back has never felt stronger.

“I guess that was God’s message to have faith in the good work that my husband does. I used to get adjusted all the time. I rarely do now.” She prefers to receive the CTR when feeling tight or sometimes after a weekend of physical work. CTR is keeping her strong and pain-free… which she says is “amazing for what I put my body through.”

Karina has returned to the clinic full-time to assist in its post-COVID recovery, witnessing firsthand the positive impact of CTR on numerous patients’ lives.

On a personal note, Karina loves to work outside and hang with her furry friends. She and Dr. Cobb enjoy watching, in awe, their son grow into a young adult.

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Additional Support Staff

We have to give a special shoutout to our long time billing specialist, Cecilia, and IT specialist, Andy. They play integral roles in ensuring that we are operating at our very best in their respective specialties.

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